Apple Fined £21/$27 Million

Apple Have in the process of being fined £21 Million which is equivalent to $27 Million for slowing down old phones. Now whilst people think that this isn't new news there haven't been many places that have actually taken action upon this however France has recently actually fined Apple for slowing down old phones. Apple argues with the fine as they state that in the terms and conditions when you set up a new iPhone they tell you that they will slow down the phones "APPLE DOES NOT WARRANT AGAINST INTERFERENCE WITH YOUR ENJOYMENT OF THE APPLE SOFTWARE AND SERVICES" Back in 2017 the world was struck with the news that Apple had been slowing down phones with older batteries in order to make their phone batteries last longer but the phone run slower. Now Apple has settings that you can change in order to turn this feature off, however, I think that it is useful, you get more performance out of your phone for two years and then it is slowed down in order to make the battery last longer. Everyone knows the feeling when they either have to carry around a large power bank and lead, a big bulky charging case or even AC adaptor and lead! I have mixed opinions on this as Apple is giving you more performance and then slowing it down after two years. A study by LiliPuting shows that out of 683 people, 12 of them replace their phone more than once a year, 45 people replace their phone every year, 358 people said every two years and 268 people said every three years. So with 61.18% of people replacing their phone within two years is Apple really that bad?

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