Grow Plants Without Soil?

Imagine growing plants in your house without having to have soil in your house, leaving dreaded bits of mud all over the house especially if you have pets!

A kickstarter company Admada Design is working on a product called the TERRAPLANTER. This product is made out of a pours fabric in order for the plants to cling to it, also to have a similarity to dirt. The center is filled with water and it slowly releases it for the plants to suck up. You don't have to buy any special seeds either! All you need to do is purchase regular seeds and place them on the Terraplanter and wrap them with a cloth so that all seeds remain in contact. You can then remove the cloth after a while and let them grow as normal. It is expected to be released by the end of 2020 and to retail for around £65/$80.

Here is a video of the water being slowly released:

And below is a video of how to remove the plants from the Terraplanter:

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