iPhone SE vs iPhone SE 2020, Which One Was Best Value at Launch?

Apple has dominated all sectors of the mobile phone market at some time. Recently mobile phone prices have increased dramatically with some phones *cough Samsung cough* reaching up to £2000! As of this it is nice and refreshing to see a top tier manufacturer like Apple release a phone that has way more bang than buck, in this case explosion to cent/penny. However, has Apple played the classic salesman by pricing all of their phones really high and then show us another product that we all perceive as being cheap? Well, to first know we need to take a look at some older Apple devices.

Apple's best selling phone is the iPhone 6S, this retailed for £525/$649 in 2015. This phone featured Apple's A9 processor (similar to a snapdragon 660) This phone was rumoured to cost Apple less than £20 to make meaning they had an absolutely outstanding margin on it.

The iPhone SE was released in the iPhone 5/5s shell, it had the familiar Apple A9 CPU. The only difference between the 6s and the SE is the battery size and screen size. It retailed for £379/$399. This was a smashing deal as you had almost the same internals but for £200 less!

Now, we will call the new SE the SE2... The SE2 costs the EXACT SAME as the SE that came out years ago! But now it features a larger battery, a larger screen, Apple's most powerful mobile CPU! This is compared to Apple's second cheapest phone the iPhone X of a few years ago was released at £999.

Now, after taking into account the technology surrounding the devices when they were released, we have to say Apple's SE2 is much better value than the SE when it was released. It also brings back the home screen which a lot of Apple fans prefer.

Good job Apple :)

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