Mega Bytes #1 - Huawei No.1? Apple not paying £11bn Tax Bill? Why are people angry with Amazon?

Welcome to the first ever edition of Mega Bytes! The quick news section.

Huawei now holds the number one market share over Samsung even though it is owned by the Chinese government and poses many security threats.

There has been tremendous growth in the online shopping market recently with COVID-19 forcing people to shop online, The online retailer giant Amazon has seen 40% more sales in the last three months and some sources even saying "doubling their profits in times of need", this is sparked outrage online. Facebook's active user base has expanded by 15% showing people have more free time, Wish has seen a decrease of 2% in sales possibly meaning people are more wary about ordering items from China: the source of the outbreak.

Apple has now been let off and doesn't have to pay a £11.6bn/$15.2bn tax bill to Ireland, this is because there apparently "wasn't enough evidence to provide tax breaks given by Ireland in 2016". The EU court can still appeal this though within 14 days if it feels the decision is incorrect.

Apple has also announced that their new iPhones will NOT come in September bringing some sad faces. Apple's CFO Luca Maestri has stated that "this year we expect our supply to be available a few weeks later" This could mean a late September launch but more likely an early October release now.

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