TikTok Banned in USA As Well As India?

TikTok is a service owned by a Chinese company that has had many scandals over security concerns worldwide. It has been confirmed that the application has and can read any data that has been copied to the clipboard. Other sources debate that they also access your camera and microphone even when the app isn't in use. My opinion is such that they can access that information therefore there is a large chance they at least have or still do. Recently we saw 1,000,000's of people from India go onto to app stores and downvote TikTok, the rating dropped from 4.8/5 to 2.8/5 in a matter of days. This maybe played some role in it being removed and banned in India but it is clear there is a tit-for-tat going on between India and China after militant forces collided and resulted in tense situations across both the countries as they fear war. India has also blocked over 60 Chinese developed applications such as WeChat. This is a security concern and news spread to America's leader Donald Trump. In the next few days we are waiting to hear whether he bans TikTok in America soon.

Where is next to ban TikTok? Germany? France? UK? No one knows but after the UK have said that Huawei 5G networks posed a major security threat and that they were to be removed by 2027 and they would be off the market after December 31'st 2020, I believe that the UK is next to ban it.

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