Was Call Of Duty Black Ops III Really That Bad?

Short answer?


Long answer?

Well, I have tasked myself with playing all of the Call of Duty games through whilst the UK is in lock down. This includes both the normal and remastered versions of Modern Warfare 1&2. It got me thinking when I fired up Black Ops III that when it was released not a lot of people really liked it, it was too futuristic and just not a great game. I had played Black Ops III before when it came out on launch on the Xbox 360, however there wasn't any campaign due to the consoles limited hardware. I remember spending many nights running on walls shooting fellow friends whilst protecting some form of robot. But does it still hold up. The first thing I noticed when I launched the game was the disgusting random frame drops! My PC can run much more demanding titles with higher settings and a much higher FPS but this for some reason killed my GPU and reasons I am unsure of. Anyway, with my settings lowered and a stable 60FPS I continued. From random country switches to time frame changes the start of the campaign is REALLY confusing and honestly after completing it I am still unsure of what the game was about. Aside from having no clue why I am killing these killer robots the games mechanics are awkward and feel very icky. They encourage you to use all of your superhuman abilities but half the time when you jump platform to platform you end up smashing your head against it falling meters short, and this is with using the afterburners. One minute you can pick up weapons one you can't, one you can double jump, one you can't and for what reason? So, unless I have missed something from the game they give you all these amazing abilities and then remove them from you every 15 seconds? So, with your combat limited to on the ground you fight on. I felt myself only sucked into the game once, this is when you are killing your "friend" in the chamber and you have to throw grenades in there, one after another, after another. This part of the game was highly repetitive but they throw so many enemies at you, you don't get a chance to think how bad it really is. I don't want to say anymore on the story just in case any sorry souls haven't played it. All together I wouldn't recommend it at all, it is temperamental, mental and just bad.

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